Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who Reads CS:APP?

I gathered some data on the total sales of the various versions of CS:APP.  It's now in its second edition, and it has appeared in multiple languages:
  • English.  Including versions published in India (1st edition only) and China (1st and 2nd edition) for readers in those two countries
  • Chinese (1st and 2nd edition)
  • Korean (2nd edition)
  • Russian (1st edition)
  • Macedonian (1st edition)
All told, as of Dec. 31, 2011, a total of  116,574 books have been sold, across all editions, versions, and formats (paperback, hardcopy, e-book).  The following pie chart shows how this divides across the language categories (sorry, no statistics on Macedonian, but I imagine the numbers are fairly small):

One thing that's clear is that we're very popular in China: fully 52% of the total has been in Chinese, and another 15% has been the English version for the Chinese market.


  1. CS:APP is greatly welcomed in China. It has a score of 9.8(nearly 5-star) in the popular community Douban.

  2. Haaaaaaaaa...
    I am from China.
    I have read the 1st Chinese edtion in my undergraduate study in Wuhan University.
    Now, I'm in Carnegie Mellon University having the class of 15213, which is instructed by David R. O'Hallron.

  3. I am from Mexico, i have read this book and is awesome, i am certain it would be great book to have in Spanish, there are a huge number of computer engineer here at Mexico and latin America who can benefit to have it on our language.

    Thank your for this great book !